Electric Wine Opener Four-piece Set Household Hotel Party Wedding Automatic Red Wine Bottle Opener Kitchen accessories Tool (Clear)

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1. Material:  aluminum alloy
2. Style: Chinese style
3.Specification:electric four-piece set (handbag is attached)

1. Box Size: about 28.5 x 16 x 7CM / 11.22 * 6.30 * 2.76in
9. Electric Size: about 4.5 * 25.2CM / 1.77 * 9.92in
2. Product + gift box + handbag: about 790g
4.Battery: 4 PCS AA batteries(without)


1. Since there is a  motor inside the opener, it has higher requirements to the start-up current; therefore, we generally recommend a new Nanfu battery. Although there are many brand new batteries or carbon battery, the current is not strong enough to  make the opener start up, which will cause weak force to the drill bit .
2. It is often marked on the battery shell if it alkaline or carbon battery; and it is better to use alkaline battery, so please pay  more attention to this when buying it. With Nanfu battery to make a test, we can open about 50-60 bottles caps

Product Configuration:

 dry battery electric opener, VS05 vacuum plug, WP01 wine pourer, paper cutte(without battery)